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Who is Phoenix Recovery Group?

You may have seen an entry on your credit report for something named “Phoenix Recovery Group”. Phoenix Recovery Group is the assumed name for Tolteca Enterprises, Inc. Phoenix Recovery Group is a Texas based debt collector formed in 2002.

           They frequently collects debts related to apartment leases. Phoenix reports information on apartment debts to make it difficult for the consumer to lease an apartment or purchase a home.

Example of a Phoenix Recovery Group entry on a credit report

Phoenix explicitly uses potential homelessness as a collection tool.   Many landlords will not rent to a potential tenant who owes money to a former landlord. Phoenix knows this and uses it to extract money from consumers.

            This would be unfair by itself but Phoenix frequently makes errors.

            Phoenix has been sued in federal court for alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Phoenix has been sued for attempting to collect money not owed, adding prohibited fees, or failing to make required disclosures. In December 2019, a federal court ruled that Phoenix’s letters to consumers violated the FDCPA by failing to make required disclosures and was misleading as to the amount of the debt.

            I can help you effectively use your rights on state and federal law to make sure Phoenix Recovery Group is reporting only accurate information on your credit report.

            Don’t let an inflated, inaccurate, or wrongful debt keep you from safe and decent housing.