I help people solve problems with debt collectors.

That can mean defending consumers who are being sued. Other times it means suing debt collectors who violate state or federal law. Sometimes all that is necessary is to properly invoke a consumer’s rights.

As a lawyer, I know how to write effective dispute letters and notices of inaccuracy that get results. Dispute letters under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and notices of inaccuracy under the Texas Debt Collection Act, are usually the first step to fixing wrong information on credit reports.

One of the most common problems I can help with are renters who can’t find a new place to live because an old landlord is claiming they owe an inflated debt for early termination of a lease or an eviction.

After an eviction or if the tenant breaks the lease early, many landlords will try to collect all the rent for remaining months of the lease. This is frequently unlawful because a landlord has a “duty to mitigate” which means they need to try to find a new tenant. If a landlord succeeds in finding a new tenant, they shouldn’t try to double collect rent from both the new tenant and the old tenant.

No one should be unable to find safe and decent housing.

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